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Thread: Job Prospects for Recreational Therapists?

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    Job Prospects for Recreational Therapists?

    Does anyone know any information regarding rec therapy as a profession?

    What are the academic requirements?
    The job market for this?

    It's something that has always interested me, but I wasn't considering it until recently.

    Any info would be great

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    A q for the Aussies on this site:

    I was reading up on three universities in Australia which offer this program.



    New South Wales??

    Any comments on those universities? Are they decent?

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    Globe have you talked to any of Rec Therapists at GF about this? A easy source of info for, I remember them all as being very friendly so they should be easy to aproach for preliminary info-they might even be able to give you leads to access the info on a global bases. Get the info from the horses mouth so to speak.

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    Hey Karl

    Yah, actually, one of my good friends is a rec therapist there. You may have met him if you ever came out to GF. His name's Duncan Campbell. I do remember chatting with him about this a couple of years ago, but he said the academic requirements have changed since he did his two-year diploma. I think you're required to have a bachelor's degree, but I'm unsure of where it is offered.

    I'll end up asking him anyways, just thought if someone knew anything before I check it out with him, it'd save me time

    Thanks for your idea.

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    In the USA, in order to be a CTRS (certified therapeutic recreation specialist) you must have a bachelor's degree in recreation or related field, plus take a certification exam. Many people who do recreation therapy for nursing homes and smaller rehab hospitals do not have degrees or certification, but they also cannot precept professional students.

    Unfortunately there are few jobs in this field in the USA. It is considered a non-billable service, so rehab centers have cut these positions signficantly as they can make money off of billable services such as PT, OT and speech pathology. They same goes for other non-billable services (social work, vocational rehab and nursing). Sadly, these positions are undervalued by adminstrators to whom the all-mighty dollar is the only tune they sing.

    There is more growth outside of rehabilitation centers. Organizations such as colleges, high schools, and parks and recreation departments as well as camps and sports organizations are all places to look for jobs in this field.

    You can get a lot of good information from the American Therapeutic Recreation Association as well:

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    That's great info, KLD, THANKS!!

    I might have to come and work in the states, if I decide to pursue this.

    "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde

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