I need to make some complants. Who do I contact? First of all let me tell you we took a trip to Las Vegas. I heard it was wheelchair friendly. Sure is every other day. The bus was really bad, driver didn't want to get off his butt and put the seat up so my husband could be locked in.
Ended up having a fight (with words) with him.
I just can't go into it right now but I was really ticked off at his attitude. The night before we waited downtown for over 2 hours for a handicap van. the doorman at the Golden Nugget told us the cab company lost our reservation. He told us this happens all the time for wheelchair vans. the man who finally pick us up said he was going off service but since no one else was anwsering the call he felt he had too.
Next we tried the Trolley since I stopped to talk to a lady she said she was riding all week and has had no trouble. Ok first ride was great the driver was entertaining. The trolley had lots more room than the bus, seat where against the wall. Second trolley ride older man huffed and puffed asked why we didn't take the bus. Bitched he didn't know who he was going to lock the chair down. I said I'd do it.
He was not a happy camper, but I after the bus trip decided not to confront him. We had a lot longer ride then the bus and I did not want to get kicked off the Trolley. He did lighten up by the time he left us off.
Next the cab ride to the airport. I called early asked to be picked up at 2 o'clock. Can't do that we need to call at 1:45 and they will have a cab there for us. they asked which tower we where in. Ok 2:15 as I am on hold (cell phone) we see the cab pull away from the main tower. My brother trys to run after it to get it. It pulls away. Brother goes over to the Paris and get a wheelchair taxi that just by luck was in the line. Back to me I get off hold with the cab company they say cab will turn around and come back. My brother gets back 10 mintues later with the cab from the Paris, the first cab never came back.
I wrote a complant to the bus company and called in one to the cab. Is there anything else I can do?
the bus, we where only going about two blocks, they are large blocks and I had a large blister on my foot and I just couldn't walk anymore. I bus driver didn't want to go to the trouble it takes to lockdown a wheelchair for a two block trip. I did end up taking a bike cart ride. I said don't loose the wheelchair, we drag raced. Best $15 bucks I spent in my life.
We have decided to take a cruise next trip.

Sarah's mom

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