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Thread: Quadraplgic drivers...Help!

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    Quadraplgic drivers...Help!

    I'm now in the process of purchasing a van and adaptive equipment for driving.I've had an evaluation done and am ok'd for driving. I'm looking for an alternative to the expensive automatic push/pull gas/braking "joy stick" system. Any ideas (and rough costs), web sites, etc.? Thanks much!

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    I'm not sure what kind of system you tried, but there are some different systems out there. The bad news is that most of them are very expensive. It depends on how much upper body strength and range you have. If you have enough you may be able to get by with a zero effort steering system which would be much less than an electronic system. I have an EMC system in my van.

    What system did you try? What injury level are you and how much upper body strength/range do you have?

    Here's my van:

    More pics. at:

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    Yeah, those questions are important. I'm a low quad so the only modifications I have are the hand controlled pedal extensions, a tri-pin on my steering wheel and the e-z lock of course.

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    Thanks Brad,
    Looks like you have a pretty nice rig there. Yeah, I can't believe I didn't include my specific info. in my original message:
    I'm a C5-6, quad, incomplete. Good upper body and arm strength, no hands. I trien the manual push/pull, but had difficulty wih it. I had no problem with the automatic system. I'm looking for something that's more manual, goes with a tri-pin device and is more cost effective than the automatic system. Thanks a lot!

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    Try the right angle gas brake. As C-5/6 it has worked well for me. Keep it as simple possible but you keep in mind you may have an off day where you don't want to be struggling to drive. I have found that most things with electricity fail at some time.

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    A company Called "DADC Handcontrols" make a Vacuum assisted unit in either a push/pull or a twist push unit that is very easy to use since it is power assisted. They are located out of Viena Virginia. I have used their controls for years with no problems.

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    Why is it not being covered by vocational services?

    If you are returning to work or school they may be a good funding source for adaptations to your vehicle or home.

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    Here's a picture of mine. I just have a tri pin, hand controls and the lock down. I'm a c-7..
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