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Thread: Can quads build serious muscle? :)

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    Can quads build serious muscle? :)

    I'm now nearly 7 years post injury, C6/7 complete and in all this time I have not been able to build any decent muscle tone in my chest or biceps.

    My, erm 'muscles on the side of my neck' are quite defined (from pressure relief and transfers I guess). I'd really love to get 'big' again in the areas I still could, given my injury.

    I was once told quads must pretty much give up on the idea of having big, defined muscles. That true?

    If any of you have succeeded, I'd love to know how. Please, I'm desperate and not scared of hard work.

    AO ;-)

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    There's a C-6/7 quad by the name of Doug Heir. He was a Paralympic athlete and he's very strong. He could bench over 400lbs.

    Here's an artical on him.

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    So we can get strong...good, its a start. I want to look good for my own vanity (and the ladies too). Thanks for the info, Brad.

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    Vanity aside, I'll say yes, you can get jacked. I did. It was hard to see at first (I'm 6'5", so it's tough to get big), but now I got huge. WithOUT steriods. I was VERY close to using, b/c it was so hard in the beginning.

    What I started using was Glutamine by ProLab. This is VERY improtant for recovery.
    As well, its hard to bulk. So, I ate 6 meals a day. 3 "real" meals and 3 shakes. Not just protine, but Whey as well. NitroTec makes a great one.

    Then just lift like a mad man. It WILL come.

    Hope that helps! If you wanna know more, just drop me an email and I'll give ya a few more tips:


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