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Thread: what to sleep on when you go away

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    what to sleep on when you go away

    yes need some info,,,on what i could sleep on while i go away,,iam a t4 para,,sleep on a pegasus air matress at home,..would like to go away for a couple of nites but dont now what i should sleep on,,thank you

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    For me I sleep on any kind of bed (hotel wise). Even at the in-laws house just a regular bed. im 8 months post and don't have troubles with soars. Good luck on the travels

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    Do you use the Pegasus LAL mattress because you have chronic pressure ulcers? It is over-kill for simple prevention.

    I recommend an overlay for those who travel and are concerned about their skin. Probably the easiest to use (packs small) is the Gaymar Sof-Care pad. You can use a bike pump to fill it, then deflate for packing. They come in several price levels which is primarily determined by their warranty period. These work good for camping too.


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    Eggcrate - $11 and very comfortable.

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    Originally posted by mikes4x4s:

    For me I sleep on any kind of bed.
    ditto... c6/7, 4.5 years post, no breakdown. I sleep on my back & do put a pillow under my back, knees, & heels, but it hasn't ever given me problems w/ sores, even if my legs spasm & kick my leg pillows off the bed for a few hours.

    I guess I'm no help here, but if you're mindful of what your body can handle, you very well may not need anything extreme.

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    Hi, I'm a C5/6 SCI Quad, when my wife and I travel we use a Areo bed. My wife transfers my on it while it's deflated once i'm postioned we pump it up with the electric pump that comes with the mattress with no problem and I'm 6' 200lbs. During the night we will let some air out to change the pressure. I slept like this for over two weeks when I went for team training to acquire my service dog. Without any red marks or any pressure related problems. Now we won't travel without our areo bed. At home I sleep on a low pressure air bed due to previous beds sores. Good luck!

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