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Thread: Vancouver BC, Canada - Anyone been?

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    Vancouver BC, Canada - Anyone been?

    Hey folks!

    Has anyone out there been to Vancouver, BC?

    What did you think?

    Any "Must See/Do" Places/Things? How about getting around?

    Any input greatly appreciated.


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    I'm not sure what kind of stuff you are into but every time I go to Vancouver I love going to Science World, Stanley Park (esp. the aquarium), and Canada Place. I haven't been to those places since my injury but from what I remember they should be really accessible. I've heard good things about the number of accessible cabs there and the public transit is supposed to be pretty good too.

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    I've been living in Vancouver for the past 5 years, and there is sooo much to do, I can't even begin to list them. Head down to Granville Island and wheel around, take in the sights and sounds of the markets. Or head downtown, Robson Street has been compared to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I personally love going to Stanley Park, or pushing along the Sea Wall, right along the water. If ya need more info, you can email me.

    Have a blast!

    P.S. Vancouver is one of THE most accessible places in Canada. I highly doubt you'll have difficulty getting around.

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    Hey Chunky!

    I'll warn ya right now, I fiqured from your posts you're from around TO,so not unlike almost everyone that visits from back east ends up moving here. You will absolutely love it here. My hubby is a TO import too, along with 10's of thousands of you guys. I'm born and bred here, and will never leave. It will be the most beautiful place you will ever see.

    The biggest must do/see is drive the Sea to Sky Highway, from Van to Whistler, and stay in Whistler a night. Also take the ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Vancouver Island,(2hrs) Absolutely awesome, Pacific Ocean and never ending Mountains, the scenery will leave you speechless. Check out Victoria and Tofino in the Pacific Rim National Park. Man, I could go on forever, it's been said, Stanley Park and the Seawall (breathtaking)

    We are very accessible here, thanks to Rick Hansen living here, and all he's done to raise awareness and all.I'm telling ya, you won't want to go back. When are you planning on coming out?

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    Thanks for the advice!

    Monkey, we leave July 20th. We picked up a great book on Vancouver from CAA
    and, looking through it, I did joke to my g/f that we won't want to come home.

    Globe, that Robson Street sounds like a nice stroll. I'll add that to the list.

    Either of you have advice on the best way to get from the airport to the hotel? Are accessible cabs plentiful? Can I just call for one whenever I need one, or do I have to book ahead?

    Heard public transit there is pretty good too.

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    Hey Chunky! Here's a good link, tells ya about accessible transpo.,check it out.

    You shouldn't have a problem ever getting a cab, I see them all over, there a dime a dozen. Then again I don't live in the city, But I'm sure theres even more in there, cause the need would be greater.

    If I find more, I'll post, your coming at a great time, usually about 27c-32c, perfect. How long will you be staying?

    Heres a complete access directory from CPA, with absolutely everything.

    <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>[/url]

    This ones good too:

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    I'm in Vancouver!

    So surprised to see a few members are from here, too... anyone else, other than myself, globechaser82, monkeygirl?

    Anyways, back to your question... I think most of the MUST SEE/DO things have been mentioned already... anyways, hope you have a great time while you're here!

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    I'm from Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island, TMGuy.

    Victoria and Vancouver are certainly beautiful parts of the world!


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    Yes I have some friends who were in Victoria recently, they said it was beautiful. I have been there a few times, myself.

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    never been, but someday I'd love to at least visit. The Western Academy of Photography (in Victoria) is a potential lure... any of you from up there know anything about it?

    ~ scott

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