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Thread: Myrtle Beach, SC

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    Myrtle Beach, SC


    Does anybody have any experience with accessible hotels in Myrtle Beach, SC? I'm going to see Norah Jones this weekend and was just curious...


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    i stayed at a Hampton Inn there once with a roll in shower, wide doors, and low counter tops. I forgot where it was located.

    Place was really nice.


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    I'm going to play her cd now. nice. have fun Steven! The words in her songs are lovely

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    Well, thanks for the information. Don't know if I'll get to go now [aren't SCI complications a bundle of joy?], but thanks anyway. I guess I'll just listen to the CD too, Liz.


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    I don't know if I'm too late Steve but on is a woman, SeaShelly68, who is disabled and runs a motel there and seems a good source of info.

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    Thanks for the info, wheels. I couldn't go b/c of respiratory trouble, but oh well. Another time, maybe.

    Thanks again and welcome!


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