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Thread: The fate of the Lakers...and more

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    Going back a few more years... I understood some of the issues with Nick "At Night" but I strongly disagreed with the trade that included Elden Campbell. At that time I believe the Lakers were on a 12 game winning streak. It will be interesting watching the Lakers rebuild. While I think it is a low probability that Kobe will get convicted, but if he does, then who should the Lakers try to get? I was thinking that they should start taking a look at some of these European players.


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    So now we have Vlade,

    Smokes like a chimney and plays 18 minutes a game. What a deal.

    We need a three point sharp shooter. Guess we'll try to get Reggie next aye?

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    Yea buddy, nice to see CAVs kick some Laker A**.

    fate of the Lakers n more..............<smirk>

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    Yeah, Liz, the Lakers are pretty bad right now.


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