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Thread: Sports for electric wheelchairs...

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    Sports for electric wheelchairs...

    What sports are offered for people in electric wheelchairs?

    All I can think of is soccer and sailing... is that it?


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    Just off the top of my head, the most common ones are power soccer, sailing, and (don't forget) bowling. I know a number of bowlers who are high quads. Some can play billards. If you go to structured events, this may also include wheelchair slalom and the road rally (such as at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games).


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    Hi KLD,,, I know of all the different types of wc sports/events for paras/low quads, but never knew their were some type of sports/events for powerchairs[those of us who can't really push ourselves]. Can you briefly expand on this, give some info/links,,,,,,,
    Thanx agn, Freej .

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    There have been many discussions here before about sailing. I can personally speak about the program that I volunteer for. We use Martin 16s and have a number of sailors who use a sip and puff control for both the tiller and sails. Most do sail with an AB crew for safety and to control the geniker (if used). We have even had some who are vent dependent. Here is a link to the program that I work with. There are others around the country, including probably the most famous, Shake-A-Leg:

    For Power Soccer, this is a team sport, so you will have to find a team close to you (or start a team yourself). Here is a link with more information.

    For bowling, I would recommend contacting your local Parks and Recreation department to see if there are bowling leagues, esp. for those with disabilities, although you can compete against ABs as long as you have the right equipment. This is primarily a bowling ramp (which you can see here) and a mouth stick or other mouth device for a "pusher". You can verbally direct your assistant to aim the ramp if you cannot do this yourself.

    For billards, the use of special cues, grips and bridges are the only adaptation.

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