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Thread: How many people play wheelchair basketball

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    How many people play wheelchair basketball

    I was wondering how many people here play wheelchair basketball.

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    It is a great sport. I saw a few games on the Paralympics and was really amazed by how exciting it is.

    Incidentally, somebody just sent me some great links on the subject

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    I've played recreationally before, but I just kept pissing off all the para's by slamming them in my rugby chair. I'd still play if they made it a contact sport...otherwise it's not much fun for a quad who can't shoot very well.

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    Wise, have you ever gone to a quad rugby game? I have seen both, and I really prefer watching started off being called "murder ball" in Canada.

    The National Veterans Wheelchair Games are coming up in July in Long Beach, CA, which is a great place to see both sports (as well as many others). Spectators are admitted free to all events.

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    KLD, I don't know how you can watch a quad rugby game. I have seen some regular rugby games and end up wincing everytime I see them scrum. It is a spinal cord injury fest. Maybe I should try watching a quad rugby game sometime. Wise.

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    I agree that QR is much more exciting and adrenaline pumped. I'm biased though, because I can't throw a basketball up that high anymore, darn triceps.

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    Wise, I agree about regular rubgy, esp. since I have had several patients with SCI due to playing it, but QR is different (although also pretty violent at times). Chairs flip, but this happens in w/c basketball too.

    (the video is a 90 sec. segment from the USA vs. Australia final game at the 2000 Paralympics when USA won the gold).


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    I humiliated myself once trying to throw a basketball up to a hoop.

    No basketball.

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    Hey Jeff do you have to be so negative about wheelchair basketball-like as if the paras got it made. I read a few of your other posts and they seem inline with a negative attitude toward paras. Are you against able-bodied basketball also? I think Wise was informed that Rutgers is thinking about adding some wheelchair sports and he wanted to see how many were interested. I think wheelchair sports are a step in the right direction. Please don't be negative about it. If you want to vent your anger a good place would be directing it at Bush's stand on stem cells-not wheelchair sports. If anything wheelchair sports would direct attention to your cause. There are plenty of wheelchair sports available such as quad rugby and T1 or T2 Track. I also feel if Wise put this poll up to see how much interest there is in wheelchair sports he could have not limited it to just wheelchair basketball, but rather all wheelchair sports, as I understand it would be difficult for some to play. As it now stands I understand some of the negative voting. I challenge the Great Wise Young to help get the program going, and then just like Bush taking pictures on the aircraft carrier after his hook landing, Wise could be photographed at the opening ceremony of wheelchair sports being added to Rutgers.

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    I used to go to wc basketball games all the time. I went to the local weekly practice games for about a year. The lack of trunk control kinda prevented me from participating but it is exciting to watch. What's funny are the mixed ab/wc games. It's pure hilarilty to see the perplexed looks on the ab players as they get stumped by the wc players. Most of them think a victory over a bunch of crips will be a walk in the park. Not so.

    Quad rugby is horrendus to watch. Those guys must sustain major bruises, gashes scrapes etc. I care a little too much about my legs to deliberately put them in harms way but I understand that it's a good way for previously athletic guys to get a rush.

    What I am interested in is table tennis. I think that would be fun.

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