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Thread: Wheel sizes

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    Wheel sizes

    OK, so wheels (for rigid chairs) come in three sizes 24"(25-540) 25"(25-559) 26"(20-590). Can someone help me out with the advantages and disadvantages of having larger or smaller wheel sizes?

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    I used the 24 inch tires for 9 years then I tried the 26 inch tires,,been useing for 13 years ,I would never go back to the 24 inch,,,you may have to lift your butt more to get over them, try them out before you buy them if you can,,,they are better on curbs and rough ground I think to

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    I had 24 in rehab then I tried 26. I did not like them. I felt like I was pushing a farriswheel. I have 24 with the grey and a set with the offroad tires. I agree with farmer, the bigger your tires the easier to get over stuff. BUT with my knobbies I can go anywhere and over anything and they are not hard to push when just cruisen. I guess it would deppend on how long your arms are and how comfortable you feel with them.

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    Agreed with Parafarmer.

    I use 26" with standard mntn bike tires. I get good leverage and power.

    To each his own.

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    I too originally used 24's for the first 8 years and then switched to 26's for the last 14 years.

    I often wondered what size wheels John Hockenbury uses, they look huge, I think they might be 27's and he also has small little push rims like those on a racing chair. Must be a pain getting in and out of the chair with those big wheels, I often wondered how he does it looking at the setup he has, looks like a real butt crack catcher.

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