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    Pre-SCI I did yoga 2-3 times per week. I loved the flexibility and physical aspects of yoga, but more than that, I loved the mental aspects of it. I was much more relaxed in general and felt like I coped with daily stress better. question is does anyone here practice yoga? If so, HOW?? I'm T12 so I have good trunk stability but no movement in my legs. It seems like so many of the poses would be impossible to do. Has anyone managed to modify the poses or find a way to do them just using your upper body? I have a stressful job and keep wishing I could go to yoga!! Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    Hi Phillis,

    My daughter is a T12 incomplete and she does Pilates. She says it has helped her a lot. I had never heard of it before, but now I see ads on TV etc. for it.


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    Thy YMCA I work at has a yoga class. She wanted me to join. She said alot of the stuff could be done on a mat on the floor. I think hers was stretch yoga. I dont know what the dif would be. Go for it! Whats the worse that could happen? (by the way, I didn't join because everytime I stretch I tend to fart also. didn't want to ruin the class!)

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