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Thread: Paralympics and other sports...

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    Paralympics and other sports...

    About 16 months ago, I tried to order a video from the USTA on wheelchair tennis. This thing finally arrived in the mail about a week ago.

    I have never seen is a collection-- a compendium, so to speak--- of videos that explain things like "this is the sport played at a high level" and "this is what the sport looks like when you're a beginner."

    The USTA tennis video actually illustrates the "high level." It does not explain the basics of the sports, though. About the only organization in a position to produce a tennis video would be the USPTA, based in Houston, Tx.

    I have seen some simple video on individuals who snow ski in the sit-ski apparatus. These videos are usually always some touchy-feely video about the person and "the obsticles overcome." Or they have somewhat of an unattainable aspect to them. For example, the "No Limits" videos never portrayed MArk Wellman as T12 incomplete with boatloads of abdomenal muscles. They just showed Mark hauling ass down the hill. (apologies if this sounds like a bitch session.)

    Question: Has anyone seen such a collection of "how to" videos on paralympic sports? Where? Who has them?

    The question is NOT "does ESPN have a few productions on wheelchair sports

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    sports videos


    I haven't seen many instructional videos out there, but you're best bet is to speak to a rec therapist at your local rehab centre. The guy at my rehab centre (also an awesome friend...which works out well when I need info like this) has awesome videos, and because it's their job to promote sport to SCI patients, they have great resources.

    Good luck!

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