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Thread: Paralympic team gets full-time track coach (Canada)

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    Paralympic team gets full-time track coach (Canada)

    Paralympic team gets full-time track coach
    Dec. 5, 2002. 01:25Â*PM

    OTTAWA (CP) - Jean Laroche was named the first ever full-time Paralympic coach for the Canadian track and field team Thursday.

    Laroche, head coach of the Quebec wheelchair track and field team since 1986, has guided numerous athletes at world championships and Paralympic Games since 1980.

    "I am very happy to take on this exciting, new position," said Laroche, of Sherbrooke, Que. "I've been working with athletes with a disability since the early 1980s, so this is a logical step forward for me."

    As full-time head coach, Laroche will be in charge of all aspects of the association's Paralympic program, which includes wheelchair, cerebral palsy, blind and amputee athletes and their coaches as well as athletes with a mental disability.

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    Jean Laroche

    This is great news! I train with the Canadian National Team and I met Jean about 3 years ago, in Atlanta, Georgia. He's a great guy, and was really encouraging to athletes like me, who were still in the developmental phases. He works hard to maintain a positive relationship with his athletes, and is definetly deserving of this position I'm currently trying to make the Canadian Paralympic Team, so I hope I get a chance to work with him. Thanks for the post!

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    Hi Globechaser - Good Luck on trying to qualify for the Canadian Paralympic Team to Athens! That is great news that they have hired a full-time coach for you. I know it really makes a difference if you have a good coach to help you. My daughter, Karen, is also trying out for the Team in Equestrian sport. Her hometown is Victoria, BC but she has been living in London, Ontario for the past three years.

    Do you know where you have to travel to for the qualifying competitions? The qualifier for the Equestrian is in Belgium next year. I wish you all the best!


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    qualifying for the team

    Hi Darlene,

    For track, there is a longer time period in which you can qualify for the team. (one and half years) That being said, you still need to show up at the Paralympic Trial 4-6 months before the actual competition to re-qualify. For me, there are a couple of events that are IPC sanctioned (international paralympic committee) which means that if you achieve qualifying times at these competitions, you can use them as leverage to get on the National team. I'm in a bit of a dilemma because I can't figure out if I should try for the long distance team, or stick to sprints. In the women's field, the competition is really tough for also is for longer distances, but my chances are stronger. In any case, I can qualify by going to the Australian OZ Down Under Series, in Sydney in January, or there is also a North American track meet in Atlanta, Georgia called the Can-Am Track meet...there's also a competition in Switzerland that I was planning on flying out to, but just got word that it is for European athletes only. I've also done the Japan Oita half Marathon, but my time isn't competitive enough. I may use my time next year. It's a great sport, and I love it....
    Anyways, wish your daughter good luck...maybe I'll meet her in 2004!


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