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Thread: Traveling to greece.....

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    Karen's Mom, Has anyone contacted the Canadian Department of Defense? They fly HUGE aircraft over to Europe during exercises, to restock what are now small detachments and for peace keeping missions and NATO use. Shipping horses should be doable with a little advance planning. They ship bomb and rescue dogs on a regular basis and most likely are already looking at horses as they take turns at peace keeping in Afghanistan.

    Good luck to your daughter! If the trials are televised please post the schedule as it comes up.

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    Thanks for your suggestion Sue! It's not something I had thought about, but worth looking into. Canada still has to qualify to be able to send an Equestrian team so it's still very much 'up in the air' (hehe). They will know next Fall whether they have qualified or not.

    Thanks for your input, and if Karen does go, I will certainly post the TV coverage information. I see someone else has just posted that she is trying out for the wheelchair racing!


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