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    I am a c6 quad planning to do a 3 week stint in Cuba next year. Could anyone pass on there experiences eg hotels, accessability etc

    Thanks in advance

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    Never been, sorry-but I'm a very jealous c5-6. Do you scuba? I hear it's phenomenal there. Betheny

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    Accessibility in poor Latin Countries is generally below US standards. However, the great cigars, weather, beeches, rum, etc. may make life easier for you!

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    Cuba info

    Not sure if this would help at all, but I just got a flyer about this conference:

    "Spinal Cord 2003"
    1st International Workshop on Spinal Cord of Havana
    May 13-16, 2003
    Havana, Cuba
    web site:

    e-mail for more information: :

    Travel information:


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    Does this info apply?

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