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Thread: Quad C6 rugby transfer

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    Quad C6 rugby transfer

    Need help to find a good transfer method, im C6 i do my transfer now whit a transfer board but it not easy to do it whitout danger.. if someone have a trick or a model of transfer board, to do it by myself.


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    I need help with it too! Are you talking about a transfer from your regular chair to your rugby chair? Were you at Nationals last year? You look familiar...

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    I'm c6/7 and can transfer from my day chair to my rugby chair or vice-versa, I just park whichever 1 I'm in as close as possible to the other, and move my ass to the edge of the seat of the chair (that part is a little harder getting out of the rugby chair cuz i have like 8 inches of dump in it) then i position 1 of my feet on/in the footrest of the chair I'm transfering to, then i just lift up and swing myself over. You could probably do that last part with a regular slide board if your not strong enough to lift your butt up but it might be kind of a bitch placing the board well.
    You should just start doing the transfers with the least amount of assistance possible from someone and keep trying to do more and more of the job yourself till hopefully you won't need any assistance. If your just having someone pick you up and putting you in the chair you'll never figure out a way to do it yourself, it takes practice.

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