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    Winning Contests...

    Anyone know what happens if we win tickets, trips, etc.? Do they have to accomadate ur needs? I never enter anymore, or most things, cause half the time I figure the prize would be worthless to me... Hell, I never win anyhow...just thinking after reading wheelinarchers post.

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    I think we should take out ads in NM and S&S and USA today.Get as many applicants as possible. Flood the reality shows with disabled contestants. It would be great publicity. Can you picture the media coverage if a wheelchair person was a finalist for Big Brother????

    If you won a contest AND it says nothing in the extra fine print I feel they should accomodate you. With that said, what you feel is accomodating and what they are willing to provide can be as big as the Mississippi. If you are wanting to try a hunting experience there are alot of contests out there to enter. They love disabled participants and women. Most offer you and an attendant if you provide the transportation to get to the ranch. I have a friend that goes out west with his dad (attendant) every year some place .

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