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Thread: Scuba and/or snorkling for paras?

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    Scuba and/or snorkling for paras?


    Does anyone here snorkle or scuba? I am interested but would like to hear your experiences.


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    I've been certified for approximately 4 years now.
    I've been to Hawaii and Grand Cayman. Done 110ft dives to as little as 12ft.

    I'm a T5-6 complete para.

    I have a custom made wet-suit (Look up Integrated weight BCD (Buoyancy Control Device). I use webbed gloves (need these made as well).

    Experience wise... this is the most alleviating and elevating experience I have ever done. The freedom to be moving around without your chair is beautiful.
    I've scuba dived folks with various afflictions like quads, amputees, Polio.

    Check out the HSA (Handicap scuba Association) website. There you can get a list of HSA certified instructors. ONLY USE ONE WHO IS CERTIFIED TO HANDLE DISABLED DIVERS. It does take special skills development to understand and know what you are doing and you CAN DIE if not properly trained or understand your limitations (there aren't many... but physically and terrain-wise we all have our limits).

    I currently try to dive once a month. I live in the So.Cal. area... so Catalina Island is very convenient.

    You'll find shore dives to be the most challenging and hopefully you find a great boat you can dive from.

    Send me a private message if ya need more info.


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