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Thread: Alaskan Cruise

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    Alaskan Cruise

    I'm leaving on Holland America about a month from now for an Alaskan cruise of the inner passage.

    Anybody been while in their chair? Good experience, bad experience? What sights are a "can't miss"?

    And more specifically does anyone know of helicopter tours available? Or anything else fun?

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    I went on an Alaskan Cruise last summer. I did the 7 day along the inside passage and had a blast. The views are beautiful from the ship.
    The only problem is getting on and off the ship. The ramps are horribly steep and you need someone to help. For the most part the towns are okay for accessibility. I didnt check out the helicopter tours. I would definetly go on a cruise again.

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    We did not take a helicopter trip, but we were able to find van-lift tours in both Juneau (to the Mendenhall Glacier visitors center) and Sitka (city tour and Archangel Dancers).

    If you are going to Skagway, definately take the Whitehorse Pass train trip. One car has a lift and they pick you up right at the ship. The views and scenery were well worth a half-day. About 1/3 of the shuttles in Skagway (from the ship into town) are also lift equipped.


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    I haven't used Tim as a travel agent--yet. But he lives near me and is good with information on the side so if he gives you bad information I'll go beat him up. There's another guy I used to book our Canadian cruise last year on Norwegian but I forget which company he was with. One of his relatives started the helicopter tours for wheelers. It's a lift inside the chopper that comes out and picks you and your chair up as a unit. That guy was not great with prices though. I'd have used Tim for our next cruise (Bermuda in October) but we have a friend who is now a travel agent (and knows great deals).

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    Sue, awesome link to Tim.


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    Leaving Wednesday and will be gone for about a month. Also going to Project Walk.

    Hold the fort down you guys, ok.


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    Wow, Chris, that's very exciting! I hope you have a wonderful Cruise to Alaska..... Do you leave from LA? San Francisco? Victoria? Vancouver? Wherever you leave from it will be a wonderful trip, I'm sure. Take lots of pictures for us to see!

    Good Luck at Project Walk. I really hope it helps you a lot!


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    Chris frankly glad for you

    Hope you not doing this for money of your investors

    Anyway-"Rich people-get crazy in their own way"

    "With every scientific advance, we grow closer to unlocking the mysteries of life and creation. But what have we gained if in the process, we lose our humanity. The most powerful thing we pass along to our children may not reside in the genes, but in the soul."
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    The cruise was awesome!

    Cabin 3394 on the Holland America MS Amsterdam. Queen size bed, roll-in shower, plenty of room for me and my wife.

    Internet cafe, movie theaters on board, broadway shows, restaurants, art auctions, volleyball, swimming, partying, etc., etc.

    Seattle, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Victoria B.C. ports of call.

    Any questions, let me know.

    Onward and Upward!

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