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    Best in Handcycles

    I am looking into purchasing a new touring handcycle. Right now I'm considering the Sopur Spirit 470 (Quickie)...but I've also heard good things about the Freedom Ryder. Any suggestions, pros/cons, personal experiences?

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    I'm just now seriously looking at handcycles too with an eye towards racing. Ive been talking to Steve Ackerman of Freedomryder. He suggested at Superbike STI as a good all around bike, and a buddy in New Mexico just got a CB-1. Because my problem is viral neuropathy with intermittent paralysis of the left leg, pelvis and bladder, I have pretty much full Ab use so I can swing the more upright sposition.

    Once I was ready to race it could be modified with high dollar wheels, re-set gears , etc.

    I tried a quickie Sopur 470 and did not have a good experience on it- but thats just me.

    From here and the handcycle group on yahoo I've learned that your abilities and how you plan to use it have a lot to do with your choice.

    Let me know how it goes.

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    Don't forget to check out the Varna

    I love my Speedbike, it is great, real fast. I also have a Freedom Ryder and use that for Touring.

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