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    I am planning a trip to SF. I have found a care provider and have a hotel room with a roll-in shower, but need help locating a shower/commode chair that I can rent for 5 days. I am a C5/6 quad and have no grip and very little upper body strength.

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    S.F. and Travel

    Please try contacting the Independent Living Center listed below. As a rule of thumb, they are excellent at knowing vendors, service providers and accessible hotels in the area. This info will allow you to email as well as check their website. Some ILC's have loan closets or know of one nearby. I recommend contacting the ILC's when you travel and before you make arrangements. It can make life much easier. You can locate the ILC's through out the U.S at the following website:

    IL Resource Center
    Carol Bradley
    649 Mission Street, 3rd Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    (415) 543-6222
    TTY: (415) 543-6698
    FAX: (415) 543-6318

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