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Thread: C5/6 Wishing to travel to Florida... Help?

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    C5/6 Wishing to travel to Florida... Help?


    I am hoping to one day travel to Florida to visit a bunch of friends I have there. The main problem is that I am a C5/6 and will be travelling alone.

    Are there any 'sheltered' housing centers that may have respite room available? You know, the kind where you have a self-contained apartment, but assistants are available via a call system when you need them to help get dressed and up, or get undressed and into bed etc.? Also, what would I do about getting early morning bowel care every other day?

    Basically, I need somewhere to stay, where I can get up and go to bed when I please and have bowel care every other day. Once I am up, I'm good for the day.

    In the UK, Leonard Cheshire centers provide this kind of service, but is there anything similar available stateside? Other destinations I have planned (although separate trips) are areas of California and New York.

    Anyway, any help or advice you good folks can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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    KLD [a spinalnurse] has mentioned services of this sort. It'd be good to hear from her. Florida is a great place to visit. The theme parks are more accessible than you might think.

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    The only respite care that I am aware of would need to be in a nursing home, and you would need to pay cash for this (average $150/day). You would not have staff who know anything about SCI, so would have to instruct them in bowel care, etc. Your schedule would be largely dictated by the nursing home, and of course they would not provide you with transporation or someone to go with you when you leave the nursing home.

    I know of no vacation-type places that provide attendant care.

    The other option that many people when they travel is to private pay for agency nursing care, or to use a traveling nursing service. These can be very expensive.

    Is there no one that can travel with you now and knows your care? Paying for the travel expenses of a friend/family member/PCA may be cheaper, more reliable, and more flexible than private paying for care in the USA.

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    Hmmm...well, what I do when I travel is bring a friend to help. But I can do most of my BR by it's not too nasty for them. I do it in bed if I'm only gone for a short time so they just have to remove the 'results' ( use those blue disposabe pads) and wipe me up. And they help me dress...

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    You can try the resources here and inquire about prices:

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    Good luck with your travels Andy C.

    You may want to check out

    Good products for travel. Bath / commode.

    Onward and Upward!

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