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Thread: Quad cuffs on handcycle

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    Quad cuffs on handcycle

    I just got my handcycle on thursday and am VERYYYYYYYYYYY excited but... I'm not sure if I got a wrong kind of quad cuffs or, simply got regular ones. The thing is: they r like the regular ones but with a bracket like to slide your hand in which, I did but if I only slide my hand, it slips right out when I pull the pedal towards me so, I put my wrist in (it wasent easy) and, was able to push ok (or at least a little) but, when I got off it and got home, I realized my wrists were so brused and swollen that we didint know if I broke them or not. Now well, my hands r facing up (cause of the idiotic docs n nurses didint check on it at time of injury) and I cant fully turn them around but, I can put them side ways like they r supposed to go so, I don't think thats the prob. Yesterday I tried the bike again but my wrists still hurt and didnt get no where. My question is: What cuffs do u use and how do u secure your hand? and, Did your wrists hurt at the begining?

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    I got the "tri-pins" for my stationary handcycle. I could go for just a few rotations before my hands slipped out. My hands are flaccid, so the tri-pins are not ideal. So I took off all but the center handle, made a canvas "pocket" that slides over the handle and sewed on two quad cuffs to the pockets. Now I can put the units on each hand, slide the "pocket" with quad cuff over the handle and pedal away!

    This configuration doesn't put too much stress on your hand or wrist. I should note, though, that I always wear gloves when I cycle. They add bulk, thus keeping the cuff in place.

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