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Thread: Kayaking???

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    Has anyone tried kayaking?

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    I posted a link

    They may be able to lead you to a local outfitter.

    Good luck.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Turning Point in Texas

    For more information

    Turning P.O.I.N.T.
    4144 N. Central Expressway, Suite 130
    Dallas, Texas 75204
    (214) 827-7404
    Fax: (214) 827-6468

    They offer some information and experience especially in ocean kayaking. White water kayaking might be in their experience, but not to any excess. Hell, man, it's southeast Texas we're talking about.

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    Yeah, it's awesome! I am a T11 para, and I didn't have any problems getting the hang of it, although my husband prefers sea kayaking which is still a little scary to me. If you have good upper body strength and fair trunk control, you'll have no problems. I have a completely fused spine, so I don't have the best trunk control, but I do okay. Will you ride in a single or double? We started with doubles (which I am more comfortable in), because we knew that my husband could right the kayak without any assistance from me when we tipped over. I felt way more confident that way, although I have tried singles after taking lessons in a pool. I haven't done any kayaking this year, though, and I really miss it.

    Get out there and have some fun!

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    One more point... the Buddy System...

    If you are kayaking with another kayak, then falling over ain't too big a deal. Easiest way to re-mount into the kayak is to have the other guy (girl?) position at a 90 deg angle with the middle of your kayak. Using the point (technically, the bow deck) as one of your push points and the gunwale of your kayak, then 'transfer' into the seat of your canoe. Very easy to do.

    To get into a kayak ALONE is a boy-dog of a procedure.

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