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Thread: Pressure sore has come back

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    Pressure sore has come back

    I had i pressure sore on the ball of my foot under my big toe as the result of a badly fitted wheel chair and the pressure on my foot caused by shortening of my achilles tendon (drop-foot).
    It healed after about 3 1/2 months of being dressed with Granuflex. Then one day I took my feet splints (RFO's) off only for about 3 hours and my foot must have been rubbing against the foot-plate because a huge blister developed it was about 1" across and 2" wide and my pressure sore was only less than a centremeter in diameter. When this blister popped my pressure sore was back where it had previously been but the rest of the area under the blister was fine.
    Anyway I need to have it healed by July 15th as i'm going to a sports centre to gain some strength for 10 weeks before i go to university (its going to kill me! - the sports centre, not the pressure sore!) So i'm looking for any suggestions or 'short cut' sollutions to healing sores. I checked out that site about the sheeps intestine dressing for healing sores but couldn't find where to order it.
    Luckily i have a new sister on the district nurse team who really seems to know what she's doing, the other one has just retired. She was good but at 65 she was stuck in her ways and not really open to new ideas. At the moment they're using some iodine based 'putty' substance, placed inside the pressure sore to draw out the 'sluffy black stuff'.
    I should be on bed rest to heal it quicker but i've got exams in two weeks and can't afford to be. It healed fine last time without me being on bed rest.
    Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated!

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    B.N.L. here is a sight i found on pressure sore's its got pitures and some good info i hope it helps

    P.S. I found iodine to be a little harsh and slowed down my healing.


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    Hey BNL!

    What I've used the last few times is a dressing called "Allevyn", it's a foamy, spongy type dressing, but it's really expensive, but oh well, we're worth it right. Anyway after years and years of long healing time, things changed with this new stuff. Apparently it works best with-out anything else,ie: topical cremes etc. Just clean with sterile water, and put it on, it heals in it's own natural environment. Which it did for me, way faster than ever before, and the nurses who deal with sores all the time had the same results.

    I also take vitamin E caps when I get a sore, I believe that helps too! Good luck!

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    Foot sore

    Quick fixes may not be the answer in the long run. I find basic healing techniques for pressure sores are best and then you can pretty much cover it with any type of dressing. Keep the wound clean, the pressure off and the area protected. Keeping the foot elevated helps circulation to the area. Sitting in the chair with your foot dependent (down) compromises ideal circulation to the area. Unfortunately, wounds take time and patients to heal. I would say no shoe but find another soft protective device like a sheepskin boot or 'swiss cheese' wedge. Take special care of the foot during you time at the sports center.
    Good luck......SAH

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