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Thread: Hockey Fans?

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    Yikes...So im to believe that the LEAFS have no workhorses and are lacking heart?

    That was a thorough tongue lashing,sorry babe i didnt take the Canucks out nor did the LEAFS.It must have been a lack of heart and workhorses.Just kiddin babe who loves ya It was a workhorse with heart that scored that OT winner though,and as for the injuries that are mounting up what can i say,there still playin and still winning right!.''SAVED BY CUJO AGAIN'' you cant even really beleive that one do? As for Bure,since the Rangers picked him up he's puttin up points am i right,most of which in assists right? I understand your bitterness towards him though,show me a Canuck fan who doesnt feel that way Anyhoo,i believe the Leafs will rise above the Sens it will take all 7 games though.


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    Hockey! Did someone mention hockey!

    Monkeygirl I share your grief! The Canucks were robbed by the referees/Hasek/hockey Gods. Or all of the above.

    There seems to be quite a hockey following here. Does anyone here post on the Fanhome Hockey boards?

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    Game 3 tonight.

    Any predictions?

    AV's:4 Sharks:3

    Onward and Upward!

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    I dont know Chris..

    If the AV's can beat the Sharks on there own ice.I'll go Sharks 3 AV's 1. As for the LEAF SENATORS game tonight LEAFS 3 SENS 2 again.I hate predict when so many are smackin there lips waitin for the LEAFS to fall

    My buddies girlfriend started a little beauty contest,The Beautiful People of The NHL. Maybe you guys can help add to the list

    Mike Ricci-San Jose

    Gino Odjick-Montreal

    Chris Chelios-Detroit

    Tie Domi-Toronto

    Brent Sopel-Vancouver

    The Sedin's-Vancouver


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    Shaun Shaun Shaun!

    {QUOTE} Yikes...So im to believe that the LEAFS have no workhorses and are lacking heart? {QUOTE}

    NO silly, I was refering to the comment you made about Bure and the Rangers, it's them with no heart just money and egos. Sheesh, touchy about your leafs hey! Then again you leaf fans are so used to people talking down your team you automatically take offence before thinking about what was said right Oh yeah tonight( Sens: 1 Leafs: 0 sorry) Hey Vanquad, yup all of the above. Chris, scores right, wrong winner though, the Aves will get beat up tonight. Oh and my vote is definately for Ricci, his face looks like a bag full of door knobs!

    PS: {QUOTE} I hate predict when so many are smackin there lips waitin for the LEAFS to fall {QUOTE} Typical leaf fan whaa! whine whine whine!

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    Sorry guys, at least my scores were wrong, want me to go away for a while?

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    Mg,your not goin anywhere lady!

    The Sens popped in a couple more lucky shots no big thing.LEAFS will tie it back up tommorow and then squirsh the Sens at home To bad they waited till the last 3 minutes to start playin.Were you nervous .Where is Nate he's mot waitin till the end to be sure of things is he .

    Hey yo babe,theres no fan like a LEAFS fan.BLUE AND WHITE kickin ass and takin names for 75 years..It's ok ya know you can join us WAAAA who loves ya babe..

    Holy crap Chris where was Patrick last night? Bob you think they can take it in 4?


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    Bag full of doorknobs.....LOL

    I always thought he looked more the witch from the wizard of OZ.At least he puts his teeth in when talkin to the media.Ive never Odjick with top teeth.


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    Sorry Shaun, i'm just letting my team do my talking for me. If you call Joseph getting beat cleanly on unscreened shots from thirty feet out lucky, what do you call it when a player shoots it out from behind the net and it bounces in off of one of his opponents?

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    Let's hope there's a reversal tonight, otherwise down 3-1, odds are against winning the series.

    Always tough though to dethrone the defending champs.

    AV's:3 Sharks:2

    Onward and Upward!

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