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Thread: Hockey Fans?

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    Islanders WHO..Rake WHAT......TUTE TUUUUUUUTE....

    Round 2 here we go! Senators next and if history repeats itself ''again'' this should be done in 4.Gonna be a lot less physical so we should be able to get some of the wounds healed up.Right NATE007,are your boys ready for the ''PAIN TRAIN'' ......BLUE AND WHITE FOREVER!

    I really think the Habs are gonna do it again in the 2 round.Monkeygirl maybe we well get that Leafs Habs matchup! I like the AV's Chris but i dont know if your boys got the sand and grit the Sharks do..LEAFS nuff said..


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    One more thing !!

    For all those viewing,in case your not aware of what the NHL is doing to help get us up out of these chairs check out WWW.SHOOTFORACURE.ORG

    It doesnt seem to many people are aware of this,as ive been asked about the Shoot for Cure hats some of the players wear


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    Tute tute huh?

    Slow down there nellie! I hate to predict but I will, Senators in 6, I won't tell my hubby that though, his glare could kill. The only way if Sundin comes back in perfect form, and well,"i dunna know bout that" But I wish ya luck anywhoo! PS. That's pretty cool about that shoot for cure, right-on aye! Oh yeah that was hillarious when Tucker went at that guy, it was like running into a Bertuzzi or something. Unreal, 4-0 (so far) ok I'll go now. Tute Tute

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    5-0! that's gotta hurt. Go Sens! WOOOOOO

    p.s. it's "toot"

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    OUCH...Monkeygirl takin her shots,Darcy was just a little sleepy thats all..

    I hope the Sens put there spurs into it and enjoyed there little ride because it ends saturday.OH wait! i forgot the Sens ride side saddle The score was 5-1 i dont care what anybody says and that was the end of Lalime's shutouts.The Leafs deffinitely have to change there style of play though 12 penalties to the Sens one,YIKES!.Im not worried yet! the BLUE AND WHITE will rise and conquer,the PAIN TRAIN will roll on.They cant get to tough with the Sens though as they all know better than to hit a lady TUTE TUUUUUUUUUUUUTE...

    P.S Nate thanks man for the spelling lesson brother but i like my TUTE TUTE'S with a U,that's pretty good though for a Sen's fan to know how to spell TOOT,you must be the leader


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    Thanks for the link of

    I'm going to post it in the Funding forum as well.

    Meanwhile,...Go Avs!

    Onward and Upward!

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    Ranger Fan!

    It's been eight years since that great day(I know I was there).
    I guess we will have to wait another 54 years,
    but on the bright side I'll be standing at that game!

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    well well well

    6 in a row...... you guys better start payin attention to my wings, they're looking pretty good aye!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1 down 3 to go! No Sundin,Renberg,Lumme,Cross,or Yushkyvich just a team half full of rookie's gettin it done Why so silent when the LEAFS win i wonder Is it fear of the BLUE AND WHITE MONSTER! But seriously that was a hell of a game..

    Dave i think with Bure in there now,they'll be right up there next season.

    Handibob, it's the geratol factor man i said it all along.Yzerman,Hull,Chelios and you know what i mean,experience

    Chris did those AV'S dish out a shit kickin or what last night.


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    Hey Shaun, I wouldn't be tute tuting yet there Bucko! They were lucky to get that win last night. Cujo again saved your life! Yup real lucky if they woulda lost again, you could have wrote them off. I hate to admitt it but the only team capable of coming from a two game decifit is handibobs ol' farts, cause of their calm and cool maturity. (gag) I can't believe I said that. Fear the blue and white monster( yeah right, Im shakin in my wheels, and the Sens in their skates) I don't think so! oh yeah you really believe that Bure's gonna turn the rangers around Shaun. Not! He's too selfish, and there are way to many high priced over-paid ego's on that team, the chemistry in the room will be like a poison. Money and ego don't win cups my dear, heart and workhorses win cups. Hence the Canucks will win it, before the Rangers do! No offence Dave! Just repling to Shauns remark.

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