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Thread: Hockey Fans?

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    LOL..Sorry Nate i agree with you ''ROUGH WHO''

    As for Lassie,oops i mean Lalime I'd have to go with ''CUJO'' in that fight!

    gvinton LA does look good do ya think there good enuff? I think the Sharks are gonna be the team in the west.Sorry Bob,i just think when the hittin starts those old boys are gonna get pooped and you know somebodies gonna start smackin Yzerman..


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    Senior Member Jeremy's Avatar
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    Congrats Handibob on your prediction Wings in 6 but their still an OLD team.
    Stevie Y is still their best player.

    Shaun See the game Friday nice hits by Roberts and Tucker eh! Can't wait for tonights game. Like Tiger Williams said " Their done like dinner ".

    Monkeygirl: Too bad the Canucks lost. , you can shave your legs now I don't know if I go for that European look anyways.

    "If the wind could blow my troubles away. I'd stand in front of a hurricane."

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    Brother i havnt missed a game yet! Tucker and Roberts man what can you say other than '' CLICK CLICK BOOM '' ..TUTE TUTE PAIN TRAIN COMIN THROUGH!

    Maybe Mclaren should watch and learn how it's done! Where is Monkeygirl anyways she still gonna come out and play isnt she Your always welcome on the LEAFS wagon darlin


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    NO! I Don't want to play anymore!

    Nah, I'm not too bummed, we had an awesome comeback season. It's pretty cool being the hottest team since xmas, it was a blast, super exciting, offensive, high scoring hockey, the way it was meant to be played. I just finished listening to the nucks season in review on sportstalk, and wow what a season it was, geez, I actually teared up a bit, I guess my hubby's right, I am the most intense hockey fan he know's, I get pretty emotional with my team. Oh well I can't wait till Sept., and we go at it again! Look out everybody!!

    Geez Shaun! Whats with your Leafs man, they better get it together, I can't beleive they lost tonights game. A Leafs vs Frogs game would be deadly! Oh and yeah I do wish we had a Tucker too, he would've taken out Stevie Y no problem. Yeah hey Jeremy, I don't think I'll do the leg thing next year, I'll dye my hair blue or something!

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    Bring on the Red Wings!

    Oh yea, one more against the av's first. Wait, didn't we play the Red Wings last year? Go Kings!

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    gvinton:I'll be rooting for the Kings. I know one thing Potvin would sure look good back in a Leaf uniform.

    "If the wind could blow my troubles away. I'd stand in front of a hurricane."

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    ''Whats with the Leafs''

    Monkeygirl thats a good question! That was a pretty shoddy performance i gotta admit.They do always keep it enteraining though dont they! They'll take it at home,pretty funny though dont ya think how neither team can seem to win in the others rink Anyways i guess the Islanders can put big Jim Cummins back in the closet now that Domi's wore him out Habs and Leafs,that would be very cool! I would really like to see the Habs win tonight.

    And least we forget that the worlds are underway and Canada is teachin everybody how to play hockey ''EH' 2-0 and the U.S tommorow will make 3...

    I think the Sharks are in for a big feast! from Wings to Kings,if the Kings dont get buried by an Avalanch


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    Game 7..TUTE...TUTE ..HERE WE GO

    No Corson thats gonna suck! Could be like lettin Yashin out of a cage.If Cujo wants the money he's askin he better come up big tonight,a Theodore kinda big.Way to go Habs Anybody else think the Vezna trophy should just be handed to him now?

    Somebody grab a shovel the kings have been buried by an Avalanche


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    Defending cup champs

    Still alive and movin' on.

    Go Avs!

    Onward and Upward!

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    I want Theodore!

    Is he awesome or what? Well it's do or die you Leaf-heads, you better do all your voo doo doll stuff now! Those Islanders just might rake up them Leafs! Gee Chris, I can't see your guys getting past San Jose, there a pretty tough team, they were the only team we didn't want to go up against in the playoffs, but good luck anyway.

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