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Thread: Hockey Fans?

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    Here come my Kings...

    I had to be quiet till they got back in this thing. See you at Staples Center Saturday! Watch out Av's fans.

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    Ain't over till the fat lady sings guys! If Clouts can come out good Sat. we'll win. It's resting on his shoulders. The way this series and goalies are going it's Haseks turn too suck and let in soft ones! We are capable of playing much better, and we will tommorrow. Glad your back in it too gvinton, the only Ave player I like is Joe Sakic. Can't beleive that shit McLaren pulled on Zednick, I hope they do him in next year, he better not be back this year! The Frogs have to win now just for that goof-ball's actions.

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    Kyle McLaren

    Kyle made a mistake. He is not a dirty player-never been suspended until now. He really flattened Zednik though. The game on Saturday at 1pm EST will be nasty no doubt. The Bruins look the best in many years. Watch "oot" for them, eh?

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    No Sundin WHAT!

    All a board the pain train TUTE TUTE....Nate they made it over the Flyers very cool but what the Sens gonna do when they have to stare at the blue and white again brother,oh i think we know

    Monkeygirl i gave ya warnin your Clouts was chokin,didnt anybody know the Heimlich? guess not! But your right it aint over till the fat lady sings,but isnt Rita Mcneil supposed to be singin the anthem there tonight maye not goodluck I think Bob might have a lot say tommorow..

    Did the Islanders really they think would go up one at the ACC

    ,thats a goodone TUTE TUTE..


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    Boston,Habs that should be a game and half for sure ''yall'' right threw the ''ruff'' I guess if ya figure the ''POOHS'' goin down at the hands of the '' LE HABITANTS'' the best they have looked in a long time you should be quite upset''EH'' brother

    Your right about Mclaren,but it should be a hefty suspension.Its like Domi,same thing hitter a scrapper but a clean record and he got 10 games and Neidermayer walked out talkin on his cell phone after that game..


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    What the Sens gonna do?

    They're gonna give the leafs the big boot, drop the leg and beat em' 1..2..3..4!

    As far as the Habs looking impressive; they sould be thankful they've got theadore in front of them

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    NEED I SAY MORE?????

    Sorry monkeygirl maybe next time. we,ve been there before so i know how ya feel. bring em on cause we,re ready now. this is the team!!!!!!! GOOOOOO WIIINNGGGS!!!!!!! YYYYEEEESSSSS

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    It was like watchin a pond hockey game on Sesame Street.The only thing ''Big Bert'' was missin was an Ernie,well i guess he did have an Eddy .For the youngest team in the league they sure seemed affraid to hit anybody,there down two ''START'' hittin,get two back and then quit.Whats up with that? Sorry Mg.I dont know Bob the Wings are gonna be up against teams that are gonna hit em now


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    Who exactly do you think you've got to deliver that boot? Johnson traded away Roy for a Juha Ylonen.Who the hell is Juha Ylonen ? Smooth move just before the playoffs I think it would be safer for the Sens to just assume the position and take it ''AGAIN'' .No one moves no one gets hurt right brother..TUTE TUTE ALL ABOARD THE PAIN TRAIN..


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    yeah, well the Roughriders suck and the Bombers are going to run all over them again this year.

    *i'm not saying the leafs will beat ottawa, (and they won't because our goalie is actually playing good) i just felt like getting a cheap shot in.

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