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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeygirl
    Phftt...yeah...he wasn't the only guy that didn't show up last night... hope you didn't pay for that no-show lack-lustre display. It was bad enough I paid for pay-per-view @ 13 bucks. I told myself I wasn't going get them anymore and I broke down last night, that's it, never again. They always loose on pay-per-view

    So where were you after the 3 games we smoked ya. You're lucky we didn't sweep ya. You finally win a game against us this season because no one came to play & you show up to razz my goalie.... Well of all the nerve................

    PS: That must have felt great for Bryzgalov to get that win the other night ....

    Oh and how are you enjoying your 4million dollar Floatuzzi?
    Ha! Hockey! Gotta love it! I hope you guys make the playoffs Heeeeee No worries, i'm sure Bryz threw a cheep shot somehow He is after all from the dirtiest team I still don't cheer for big Bert but i'm not the owner.
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    Phftt......I waited till it came down......

    What a joke, he got away with another one....

    Pronger suspended eight games

    The National Hockey League has handed Anaheim Ducks defenceman Chris Pronger an eight-game suspension for stomping on Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler in a game Wednesday night.

    One day Campbell will grow some balls... pathetic......He gets to rest up for the absolute joke...wonder who he'll take out in the playoffs this year? Hope everyone watches their back...or head or leg or........piece of sh*t...............

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    Well, kids, it's the final stretch. 4-5 games left... Detroit is... Detroit...will Edmonton bump Vancouver out and once again be our Cinderella team? Toronto's gone... Jersey and Ottawa are running out of gas... I'm not even gonna mention my team for fear of jinxing them but, um,


    I figure the Habs and Pittsburgh in round 2 or 3 will be the hardest fought series... San Jose is on a tear, they could take down Detroit, but hey. It's playoff hockey. Who the Hell knows.

    Hey Monkeygirl, I'll try and get some pictures of me at a playoff game. Who knows, maybe you can catch me on your DVR!

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    Go Thrashers, even though they suck half of the time.
    Go Georgia Bulldogs

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    That would be great if you made it to a game Chris, the Bell Center is supposed to be an awesome place to watch a game, the fans are said to be the best in the league....extremely passionate. Even though you're a trader...

    Hey mossberg, with Kovalchuk and some good kids coming up, have patience, they'll get better, if the team doesn't move, Georgia isn't exactly a hockey hot-bed. Keep supporting your team...

    Well well....these Canuckleheads have put us on a rollercoaster ride of the century. They haven't showed up for a few weeks untill last night...I had pretty much written them off. Now they go and instill hope again

    It's so maddening, they were like night and day..Still though, they gotta run the table..too lil' to late..where was last nights passion and at the Oilers game a month ago Especially Nazzy last night, where the hell was that all season long?

    In honor of Floppa's flop last week:

    PS: Gotta love my avatar after last nights game hey..

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    One last gasp.....

    To try and make the playoffs. The Caps are jus oh so close... Makes ya wonder what would be ifn they had made the headcoach switch before the season, where would we be? Yeah well, at least I have a reason to cheer this late in the year.

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    Well, I got my tickets on Saturday. I was only allowed to get a total of four tickets for all of the first round games, I got a pair for each of the first two. Since I had to go to the Bell Centre with my kids and we had to wait outside for an hour in -15 degree weather (I don't wanna hear about it!), I promised them I'd take one of them to each of the games.

    I'm worried about injuries though. I hope Koivu and Streit will be back for the playoffs... but can you believe we've got 7 50+ point players this season? Kovalev has really shone this season, a great model for the youngest team in the league. And shoot, we've got one of the highest goals for in the league! And that Price kid... he's gonna come into his own. Almost all of our players are signed on until 2009/10... the future looks bright.

    Damn, it feels good to be a Habs fan again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graybeard
    To try and make the playoffs. The Caps are jus oh so close... Makes ya wonder what would be ifn they had made the headcoach switch before the season, where would we be? Yeah well, at least I have a reason to cheer this late in the year.
    If they make it in and are playing Montreal, we'll be toast. Huet knows our team too well.

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    Caps are in!!!!!!!!

    Sumbitches!!!!!!!!! We made it in!!!!!!! ....took alot of helpfrom the Panthers to pull it off, but hey, I aint proud....I will take all the help we can get. Paper sez we woulda got in even if Carolina had won, cuz Boston feebed against the Sabres. I dunno....I am jus thrilled we get to party again. The Canadians are set for Boston, which they dogged all season. I am hoping for the Sens, as we did really well against them. If its the FLyers, gonna be a dogfight.....old rivals never die.

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    After soul searching I came up with this.......

    • Injuries, D was depleted from training camp on, not rookies, the top 4 on a continuous basis. This led to 3rd & 4th line players having to play 1st & 2nd line minutes with neither the experience, skill or talent to do so.
    • Again, the Sedin’s were our #1 line, they are good 2nd line players, not 1st line.
    • Nazzy has lost it, partly do to Coach AV’s defensive style of play, once Nazzy focused on D, he lost his offensive abilities..vanished..poof gone.
    • Coach AV’s style of coaching period. The guys were drained trying to play his type of hockey. A defensive stiffiling brand of hockey. The line matching, chess game, one goal games, grinding the crap out of these guys day in day out.
    • Lack of offensive talent, Nonis had a year to pick up some goal scoring and didn’t, for some legitimate reasons, some not, but he still failed to do so.
    • Too soft, more grit & size is badly needed, way to easy to play against.
    • Luongo had a off year because of his distractions with his wife’s difficult pregnancy & his baby, the fact alone that she’s been in Florida for 6mths because of all the problems. (side note: Plan next baby for off-season please)

    Off- season will be busy for Nonis, he best step up and make some good trades and acquisitions. He will have lots more $ off the books, his hands were somewhat tied this year. AV will still be coach, but if he has good players he can lighten up on D for more entertaining hockey. Until next season……

    On a happier note, hats off to Linden “Captain Canuck Forever” and the respect shown between all of the players last night including Iggy and the Flames. Check out the vid…I balled my frikin eyes out though, glad I wasn’t at the game, I was a babbling fool….

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