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Thread: Hockey Fans?

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    We're all tied up. Despite Patrick's play.

    Go Avs!

    Onward and Upward!

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    Hey Chris!

    I know what ya mean $200, that's quite a chunk a moola! I luv my hockey but geez. We went to both our playoff games and that cost us about $4oo, after parking and goodies, and that was cheap cause it was only the 1st round. But then again that's why god invented visa right, at least that's what I keep telling myself. Geez if they keeper up and you go to the next round tic's will be $300, could you imagine? Just outta curiousity, how many w/c spots are there in your pond, and are they good spots?

    OH and Shaun, gee, better luck next game hey! What a snoozer that was anyway, clutch /grab , clutch/ grab. What a drag about Pat aye? Hope he's gonna be ok, he's an awesome guy!

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    Visa, Amex, Discover, Mastercard. Whatever it takes, huh?

    Game 3 tonight, Pepsi Center, which, after extensive remodeling of the old McNichol's Arena is very wc accessible in every way. Denver, being a real sports and athletic city has great access, imo, to everything. There seems to be quite a few wc users / athletes here. Many, like me, who were hurt doing sports and still have / want access to skiing, biking, kayaking, etc..

    Tonight; Avs:3 Wngs:2

    Onward and Upward!

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    harrison twp. mi


    i think you got that backwards wings3 avs 2

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    UH..UH ..OH SHIT!

    Monkeygirl i cant even argue with you! That was one of the worst hockey games ive ever seen.As for Pats situation it's yet another sword into the belly of the monster,it's beginning to look like the Blue and White monster is in a fight with the Hockey Gods themselves But be sure of onething the Monster is strong,and fought threw this far wounded and will rise and fight threw again all tremble at the feet of the monster Game 4 tonight LEAFS 3 CANES 1..

    I dont know Chris,i think Bobbi's boys are gonna get ya bud! Then the MONSTER will feast on WINGS


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    Im glad you can take being called second a compliment because when the LEAFS are done with your WINGS you'll be hearing alot of it And this Canadian has know problem with that All in fun who loves ya brother..


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    OH OH! Shaun!

    Well Buddy, how do you like your crow, baked or fried, actually after tonights game I'd barbecue that sucker till it's discinigrated, just like what happened to your team tonight. What a drag, I really really wanted to see them take this series (but even my hubby actually said they "suck", not a happy camper I might add,) but, well I don't think so buddy. So, in all reality now, the only team that deserves to take Lord Stanley is the ol' farts, and they'll probably drink warm milk out of it, but hey whatever, they'll win it fare and square, if you don't take into consideration the amount of they're payroll!

    Besides, I knew that once they beat us, no one would beat them. After all if they could take my boys they could take anybody!!! Sorry Chris, but a few of the guys are playing good, but they won't do it. They gave em' a good run though. Gee maybe Joe will come home now to win the cup here next year! OH yeah, I've always wanted to check out the Colorado Rockies, seems like an awesome place, one day I will for sure. I kinda remember something about you being from Alaska, is that right, or is that a different guy?

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    i know for a fact that warm milk is not on the menu. the old guys do know how to party when the time comes. bob

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    We're all tied up.

    Shhhh, be vewy, vewy quiet there's an AVALANCHE coming!

    Take all the potshots you want. Series tied 2-2.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Mg, ''What a drag,i really wanted to see them take the series''

    Will gee! unless im confused there's 7 games in series not 5 Game 6 at home and then 1 more is 7= THE LEAFS AGAINST WHOMEVER FOR LORD STANLEY'S CUP! The Monster is wounded and might be crawlin but it's still fightin babe.How are the Canuckle heads makin out at the golf gourse anyways ''fore''


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