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Thread: Hockey Fans?

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    Yeah, Yeah Yeah!

    Well I gotta say this, they really did deserve this series, heart, grit and determination, never mind that half the team is from St.John's. Anywho, congrats, way to go. Although I must say " notice both the goal scorers were x- canucks, of course", the good ones always get traded away. Actually, we miss McCabe more than Alex, Alex is too hot and cold. Oh yeah, sorry there Nate, at least they're a Canadian team aye!

    If they get a couple guys back they should be able to take the hurricanes no problem, they shouldn't even be in there. Leafs in 6.

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    Will Nate once again the Sens find themselves crushed beneath the claws of the BLUE & WHITE MONSTER.They did it without Sundin,Renberg,Yushkyvich, will you get the picture! I dont think the Sens could beat the ST Johns Maple Leafs,which by the way in case you missed it they became aquainted with during the series .I think now is the time for you and ''others'' to send your address to 'ONCE WAS LOST BUT NOW AM FOUND.LEAFS RULE THE HOCKEY WORLD.COM' so they no where to send the bandwagon to get ya,somewhere near the slough of Manitoba magic water i would suspect ..All in fun brother,maybe next year Peace bro...

    Monkeygirl,now who do think they need back? It would be nice to have some of them back,but i would have thought they showed you what there capable of with just there rookies.As for the X-CANUCKLE HEADS i think they contacted the addsress i gave Nate and now ''BABE'' they are winners what i can say the monster has a powerful allure Dont you worry about contacting it though,you can just ride your hubbies coat tails but hold on tight the monsters headed for a HURRICANE ..Hey,who loves ya Babe!!!

    ~Shaun ~

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    Will Chris..

    Who's it gonna be man,who's it gonna be? Im gonna have to say Sharks 3 AV's 1..


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    The Av's Win!

    Yeah, baby. 1-0!

    Anybody want any shark bisque soup?

    Bring on Detroit .

    Soup, wings, I'm getting hungry!

    Onward and Upward!

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    Oh Yeah!

    The next series is gonna be great, don't want to miss a minute. Sorry Shaun, but it's gonna be a hole lot more exciting than the Leaf series, nothing against them though. Are you gonna make any of the games Chris? Pretty hot ticket! It'll definately go 7 games. "Go Burnaby Joe Go" We've been wanting him to move back home for years, hopefully he will want to come back here to play out his final years

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    I'm thinking about getting to at least one game. At $200 a seat though, its a little pricey.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Hello again hockey fans!

    Will 1 down 3 to go,the train rolls on tute tuuuuuuute.Yup Nate i still like tute tute's with a U The LEAFS are the only team goin right now that the longer each series goes the better they can get with the injuries to the key players healin

    In the west i like the AV's Chris but Handibobs Wings and the LEAFS fightin it out for the cup.Thats 2 of the original 6 baby,thats classic hockey!


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    Here goes!

    Hurricanes: 3 Leafs: 1 . Gee could you imagine if you lost Roberts ? Boy I can't even talk about the leafs around home, the hubby and I just argue, it's like I can't say anything bad about the leafs geez. But then if he says anything bad about my Nucks, I loose it! I can't believe when he said the leafs could take out the wings (lol). Oooopppps, it's not like I'm Leaf bashing like I could, I'll be nice, I can go to another board for that, there's leaf bashing everywhere you go. Good luck aye!

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    1 down

    well i think we're pretty much on the same page shuan and monkeygirl.these guys still have some games to play but a hat trick by mccarty... that just shows the depth of this team, so hold on there is a lot more great hockey to come by, yes, arguably the best, or second best hockey team. oh and shuan, i take that as a compliment, even being called second by a canadien i consider a compliment. bob

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    ''If you lost Roberts'' not this again! LEAF

    What would happen? The same as when Sundin was out right,no chance,no hope now the LEAFS are out yada yada yada ..YAWN I think the Canucks are sighing autograghs ''OUT AT THE GOLFCOURSE'' babe,there probably as easy ta catch on foot as on skates .ANYHOO,the LEAFS are still playin hockey,and no other teams from Canada are so i imagine when the LEAFS are playin Detroit for the cup there wont be enough bandwagons in North America for everybody. LEAFS in 6.

    Bobbi,Detroit in 7 ''EH''! When McCarty is scorin hattricks the AV's got big problems.Goodlook tonight,lookin forward to that classic LEAFS WINGS for the cup .That would be battle.


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