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Hey fellow hockey fans!
: air ohs: ya, Matthews will do that to team lol... they're fun to watch now, I actually want to watch a Make-me-Laufs game.....

:crappler: yup, feel for ya...they better hurry up and get Eichel some help or he'll demand a trade

:hacknsack: ya know kidding, ya lucky SOB, I think it's your year!, Enjoy the ride!

lynnifer: I wouldn't admit that if I were you lol.....

Wonder if there's any Vegas Knights fans here, what a great start, especially after the frikin shootings. What a great way to get fans engaged in a new franchise- keep winning! I'm going down for the game in Feb, I can't wait, I love Vegas and now I get to make it a game roadie, yee-ha!!! #VegasStrong
Vegasssss im drooling we LOVE it there.