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Thread: Hockey Fans?

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    Hockey Fans?

    Hey Guys! I'm a die-hard Canucks fan, and I was just wondering if anyone else here is a hockey-nut. I never heard anyone mention it here before. And the playoffs are here, so I'm really pumped and wondering if anyone else is?

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    I coach my son's hockey team. Go Kings!

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    OH yea baby...The only sport on earth worth a shit,a fine blend of skill,speed and bare knuckle fighting..SWEEEEET.One question though? What ya gonna do when the MAPLE LEAFS RUN WILD OVER YOU..


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    We're in , I knew we'd get in though we're playing so hot, we've been the best team in leauge since xmas. Hey gvinton and Handibob! Do you believe how close our conference is. Still yet today after our game against Calgary, we could end up anywhere from 4th to 8th. So we could play either your Wings Handibob, or your Kings gvinton. What a wild race. Personally I'd much rather play your Wings Handibob cause we'll have an easier time beating them than anybody cause their old and we're a younger faster leaner meaner team. It will be exciting all right. Yeah and those Kings are doing awesome too, just hope Felix dosen't fold on guys in the playoffs! Oh Shaun who are you talking about the Leafs rolling over?

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    As the Canucks probably wont get of the first round it wont be them ,but you are a brave one especially thinkin that Detroit, probably with the most playoff experienced players in the league would be easy.The regular season dont meen nothin but position now and i dont think young Dan Cloutier is gonna do it for ya and the rest of dandies are gonna be tough enough for playoff style hockey other than Bertuzzi and Jovo.Anyhoo MAPLE LEAFS nough said .Not to many hockey fans around EH!


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    Excuse me!

    Gee Shaun, you obviously haven't been following the Canucks at all my dear. Even when Scotty was asked who he least wanted to meet in the playoffs, and he said Vancouver. We have scored more goals than anyone in league, including Detroit so we'll see Bucko, besides we've already got our 2nd round playoff tickets, so there! Pipe that in your put and smoke it!!

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    Didn't want to commit myself

    Well...yeah I'm a hockey fan...I'm also from Edmonton...Go Oilers Go....oops! Well as long as some Canadian teams make it through!

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    Cheeky Monkey..

    Excuse you...

    Having lived in Nanaimo 13 out of my 30 years ive followed the Canucks plenty and attended plenty of games my dear Understand i hope they do well i really do,like Emi said i would have liked for all the Canadian teamms to have made it but what ya gonna do! Anyhoo against Detroit they 'll be gone in 5.I hope they end up any where but 8th but im willing to wager....MAPLE LEAFS nough said


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