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    Hi, my daughter, a c5,6 and her husband wants to take a cruise the end of May, for the anniversery.
    He wants to make sure they go to another country and she wants it to be in a very warm climate. Does anyone have any suggestions on where and what cruise line which would be wheelchair friendly for her? We live in Ohio. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Cheryl

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    No need to repeat / duplicate this thread.

    Suggestion, this topic was previously discussed under this forum (started by me) with some excellent info from others with cruise knowledge.

    Either page down through the topics until you find "cruises" or go to the 'search' icon, plug in 'cruises' and you'll find everything you're looking for. Or click on my profile and pull up my postings where you'll find what you need.

    Btw, is one to look at.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Cruise info

    Here are a couple other threads on this:

    You can also check out the disabled cruiser discussion forums at these two sites:

    The Caribbean is VERY hot starting about May. Otherwise you have the Med, which starts to get hot about then. Alaska probably would not be an option. There are very few West Coast Mexico or Transcanal or South America cruises at this time of year because of the weather. Southern Hemisphere is just entering their winter then, so you may not want to do South America, Australia/New Zealand or Tahiti. Of course Hawaii is not another country, and while it is warmer in the summer it is rarely hot.

    I would not recommend the big Princess ships (Star, Golden, Grand) as the theater is terrible for line-of-sight from the wheelchair seating.

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    here is a link at nm. Also, try they have lots of info on travel.

    your daughter never did write me. makes me wonder if Jana told her not to, or, busy busy busy.

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