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Thread: Does anyone own a boat?

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    Does anyone own a boat?

    I've posted about fishing here, and now I would like to buy a small boat. I live on the water and am able to get down to my dock. Is there any equipment you would recommend having on the boat or transferring to it. It looks like I will need to transfer down to the dock and then down into the boat. Since this is tidal water, the drop can be 2-3 feet. I'm good at transferring as long as I can safely reach what I am transferring to. How about an electic motor as opposed to gas to omit having to carry gas all the time. I won't need great power for the area I'm in. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Pontoon boat,roll right off the dock onto the boat and right behind the wheel.Nice and wideopen lots of room to move.


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    tidal area

    As I mentioned, there can be a 2-3 foot drop with a low tide. I'm looking for a modification to the boat seat or some other way to compensate without using a lift. There isn't enough room or money for one.

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    Not a prob bud..

    No lift needed.A 2 or 3 foot drop's not to much,cut your self an alumnium ramp that works when the tides at its lowest and there you go.You can leave it on the dock or lay it flat on the deck.


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    we have a 1992 30 ft.Suntracker/w/PartyHut
    enclosed galley and bathroom,couches,bed,wheelchair accessable.inquire:


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    OH YA Perry!

    Well i can put my canopy up,you dont mention a canopy.


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