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Thread: Damaged chair

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    Damaged chair

    I just came back from a trip to Vegas, on the return flight, my chair was damaged. I lost my brake on my left side and my frame was bent. I've only had this chair for two months and it took me a year to get it. I was wondering how I can get the airline to pay for the damages because they're giving me the run around now.

    UPDATED- they said they would replace the brake but not the chair. At least i'm making some progress.

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    Airlines have it like that. There's a limit around $1500 that they're liable for-- and they fight all claims. A lawyer may be your only chance. The fine print has them covered well; be lucky it wasn't a power chair.

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    I had the same thing happen

    a year and a half ago, bent my frame. I did not notice till after I left the airport and called them and got nowhere, I would think though, had I reported it right at the time I would have had a better chance. Since then, whenever I fly, I try as hard as I can to have the chair put in the closet in the plane rather than having them stow it.

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