My husband and I love to go on float trips. We have gone to Telequa,(sp?) OK and to Noel, MO. I must say that they were some of the best times that we have had. We always go in late summmer when the water levels are down and it is safer( he does not want me to drown) Anyway, I jsut wanted to share a story about the first time that we went:
My husband, his cousin and I all went in one boat. His cousin was terrified that we would tip and I would die. We took forever to get down the first half of the trip, we kept having to take the less scenic route because if there was a ripple in the water she would panic and walk us through. Finally there was a fork in the river and we had to choose, we chose incorrectly and
got stuck on a log. We tipped. My husband had a terrible time deciding whether to rescue me, the 300 dollar boat( which you agree to be responsible for) or the cooler- with all of our beverages. His cousin went out after the boat, it was down to me and the cooler. He grabbed my life jacket and took me to the tree that had tipped us and told me to hang on.He then went on to save the cooler. A nice family that had been following us stoped to help us gater our stuff. The man came over to me and told me that I could stand up , because it was not deep. I think I said to him "I wish" No, he patiently explained I should be able to touch it is only 4 ft deep. I thought he was going to die when I told him I was paralized. He was about half way to the bank and looking around for a place to find a phone when I told him it was from before. I think that I took two years off of that guy's life. I do not think that he handled stress well, he was problably trying to get away for the weekend
Anyway, it was great to be seen as a person again. People have no way of knowing that you have any thing wrong with you. Give it a try it is FUN! I would say that it is better to go with at least 2 AB people, it is not fun to fight the current and have to rescue the boat too. You would be OK with only 1 AB person in your boat, if you went with a group of people. You only need extra hands when you tip-it usually doesn't happen(unless you want it to), but you have to be prepared that it might.