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    Careworkers and travel...

    Hello, I am looking at traveling for the first time since my accident 6 months ago. What do people do about a care worker? I use an agency here... And only need about 6 hours a day ( split up alllllll over the place) to help with bowel/cathing/shower/dressing. any hints on this or travelling at all would be wonderful.

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    You can hire from an agency where you are going, but of course you may not get good service, may have to train them yourself (most don't know SCI care) and may not have the option of splitting shifts as you do at home.

    Some options include:

    -Hiring a PCA you already know and have trained just for the trip, paying them their regular wage for actual care hours, plus their travel expenses.

    -Find a friend or family member who is willing to be your PCA for the trip in exchange for you paying their airfare and/or hotel and meal expenses.

    Of course you can save some by maximizing what you can do for yourself so you don't need as much PCA assistance.

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    What about travelling nurses, has anyone used these?

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    Travel companion agencies

    Here are some resources for this. Of course using licensed personnel will significantly increase your costs:

    I am not sure if Travel Care Companions is still in business, as their webpage no longer exists.


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