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    Beach Wheelchair

    I would like to go on the beach but my manual chair in the sand is a no go. I've rented powerchairs for Disney, etc. but I don't think returning a chair encrusted with sand would go over too well. I've heard California has a beach wheelchair program that keeps sand compatible wheelchair (basically chairs with huge plastic wheels) at various locations, but there's nothing like that on the east coast. I don't want to purchase anything expensive since it will only be used once a year or so.

    Anybody else have this problem? How did you resolve it?

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    The New Jersey Shore has them for rent; don't know about Virginia. Maybe time to get a little proactive, and contact your beach authorities (? the beach police?!!!), suggest to them that the beaches aren't really accessible and see if they'll work with you - who knows, you could be the start of a whole new program!

    I've seen 'em in catalogs, too - I think Sportaid has one, and we saw one at the Abilities Expo one year.

    Good luck!

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    San Diego program

    Here is info about the San Diego program (both power and manual beach chairs available with no charge):

    Power Beach Chair At Mission Beach - December 2001

    The Power Beach Chairs are available in Mission Beach, by the main Lifeguard Station, for use for one hour at a time on a reservation basis.

    It is very important that each person wishing to check-out the Power Beach Chair provide a Drivers License, California ID card, or equivilant. It is also important to provide their own seat cushion to sit on while using the Power Chair, their own assistance to transfer into the power chair and out when finished, and lastly be timely as each checkout is for an hour. Remember that the Power Beach Wheelchairs are a lot of fun, but all participants must assure they stay dry and out of the water. We are very lucky to have this pilot program at San Diego's Mission Beach, and our goal is to maximize the fun for each participant.

    "For reservations, please contact Naomi @ 858-279-0704, or

    " All reservations must be made 48 hours ahead of reserved date."
    "Inclement wheather may limit days and hours of use."


    October 26, 2001 - IMPERIAL BEACH Two motorized beach chairs, designed to transport people with disabilities over sand, were dedicated and demonstrated.

    This means a person with a disability can feel the ocean breeze, ride along the ocean without the assistance of an attendant pushing them in a wheelchair.

    Councilman Ron Rogers' wife, Suzanne Rogers, and Wes Johnson, President of Accessible San Diego, a nonprofit resource and information center for seniors and traveler`s with disabilities, and Earl McLaughlin, chief of the local office of the National Ataxia Foundation were the first to try out the power beach wheelchairs.

    McLaughlin said the power beach chair was easy to maneuver and comfortable as he drove one easily over the unstable sand down to the water's edge.

    Imperial Beach approved the purchase of the power beach chairs in April and they were delivered in August. The construction of a special storage unit to protect the chairs from the sea air was completed last week.

    The San Diego Unified Port District and the California Coastal Conservancy donated $11,000 each for the chairs. That includes funds for maintenance for one year.

    The city has contributed about $3,000 in staffing, in-kind services and public outreach and $5,000 for storage lockers and signage required by the conservancy grant.

    Beginning next week, the public can begin making reservations to use the chairs by contacting the Imperial Beach Lifeguards at (619) 685-7972. There is no charge for using the chairs.

    "There is a large community of persons with disabilities and many veterans in the South Bay," Johnson said yesterday. "Access to sand will expand the recreational opportunities for them."

    Councilman Rogers said he also is proud that Imperial Beach is able to offer a "fulfilling beach experience to all residents. This chair will enable people with disabilities to get off the cement and get close to the water and feel the breeze," he said.

    The chairs will be available Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Rogers said he hopes to extend the hours of use, which are limited now due to financial constraints. The solution, he said, might be to find volunteers willing to schedule and handle reservations.

    La Jolla Shores
    8200 Camino de Oro
    La Jolla, California 92037
    Phone: 619-221-8899
    Wheelchair Accessibility: Accessible features include handicapped parking spaces and cement boardwalk.
    Seasonal "roll mat" walk allows w/c user to cross sandy beach to water. Rolling "Sand Chairs" available to use at no charge. Call ahead to reserve.


    Mission Beach
    San Diego, California
    Phone: 619-221-8899
    Accessible features include 2 Accessible parking spaces near lifeguard station, and cement boardwalk from South Mission to Pacific Beach.
    Wheelchair Accessibility: Seasonal "roll mat" walk allows w/c user to cross sandy beach to water is closed until spring. Rolling "Sand Chair" is broken.


    South Mission Beach
    San Diego California
    Phone: 619-221-8899
    Wheelchair Accessibility: Accessible features include w/c accessible parking spaces. Special ramp extends from parking lot onto beach for wheelchair access.


    Ocean Beach
    1950 Abbott St.
    San Diego, California
    Phone: 619-221-8899
    Accessible features include Accessible Parking spaces and cement boardwalk from Ocean Beach Pier(south) to Dog Beach (north).
    Wheelchair Accessibility: Seasonal "roll mat" walk allows w/c user to cross sandy beach to water is closed until spring. Rolling "Sand Chair" is broken.


    You can also get more information through this site:

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    There's one public beach in Charleston SC with a Beach wheelchair available for public use. It's at Folly Beach. There are two other beaches that Charleston County oversees which don't have chairs, Isle of Palms and the beach at Kiawah Island.

    Very soon, probably in the next month or two, all three beaches are receiving one new beach wheelchair. So all three area beaches will be accessible with at least one chair and Folly Beach will have two. Lowcountry Wheelchair Sports in association with the Disability Resource Center in Charleston (843) 225-5080 just provided the necessary funding and the 3 new chairs were ordered yesterday. These are free to use by the public on a first come first serve basis.

    Our program here is not as aggressive as the one in San Diego with power chairs, but if you're with someone who can push you, then you can get to the beach!

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    Go to
    Had this sight bookmarked for a couple of years. They are located in Florida.


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    Charleston County, SC beach wheelchairs

    All 3 Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission beach parks have beach wheelchairs available free of charge for use at the parks. The parks are located on the Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, and Kiawah Island. You can contact the parks via

    The City of Folly Beach also has 3 beach wheelchairs available free of charge on a first come-first serve basis. Contact Folly Beach Public Safety at 843-588-2426.

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    Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach has them for rent, free for an hour or about $50 a day, they are not powered.
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    I recently saw it mentioned somewhere that Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor provides one or a few beach wheelchairs. I'm planning a trip out there later this month; will check it out.

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