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    I have a T1 (complete) injury and am wondering if any quads or paras out there have tried swimming. It is something I am interested in, but not sure how to get started or if it is possible. I've never tried it since my injury. Anyone have any advice?

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    Absolutely yes! Go for it! Water is wonderful therapy and you may be surprised at your bouancy. My husbands' injury was 2 years ago, T4 incomplete; moreover, he did some of his outpatient rehab in the water. After a bout of infections resulting in very little activity in the past 8 months, he started feeling better a little over a week ago. This past Saturday we met with a friend who teaches water aerobics at our local health club pool. She repeatedly cautioned him that he would not feel the exertion until later and to take it slow. An hour and one half later I insisted we leave, I was starting to look like a prune. He agreed only if we would turn him loose as he wanted to finally put his face in the water and try to swim to the opposite end of the pool. He did it twice and was quite full of himself until his trainer critiqued his stroke. He has work to do. Most amazing to me is he was never into swimming, baseball and golf were his thing, guess it's never too late. Kathy

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    It does help to have an experienced therapist who can teach you some techniques and be sure you are "water safe" (ie, able to get in/out of the pool, turn over from a face down float, etc.) to get started.

    You can find instructors at local rehab centers, some parks and recreation departments (esp. if they have a good disabled services program), sometimes at local colleges or universities that have adaptive PE programs, some YMCAs, and through the local National MS Society chapter (since swimming is strongly encouraged for people with MS).

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    Go for it

    I am a t-7 complete and started swimming 2 years ago. I got the insurance company to pay for it because I did it as rehab. At first I could barely swim a lap. Now I can swim all day. Its great cardio exercise. I just recently start scuba diving also. I highly recommend it!

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    Yes swimming is Great!

    I am a T-10 para and I've been swimming for 25 years. I also scuba dive, it's fun, relaxing and healthy!

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    I highly recommend swimming paddles

    They really give you a much better stroke. And for quads they're indispensable as cupping our hands doesn't work on our own. I also have webbed swimming gloves which also work but not quite as well. They do make it easier to grip the side of the pool while on whereas the paddles make it harder.

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