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Thread: I need something..

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    I need something..

    Dear friend,
    I build by my self a samply weight machine but being a quad I have the problem to grab the cable.
    Do someone know where I can get those brace with the ring on it where you insert the hoke ?


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    I had the same problem. I went to a guy that makes saddles and had him build some cuffs. On the inside are non-abrasive padding and they are fastened by two straps that tighten so they won't slip or pull through itself like nylon will. The leather has to be really stiff almost too stiff, but it will loosen enough with a few uses. On the other side of the cuff put a 2 inch d-ring, and fasten it to the cable with a quick clip or other similar fastener. Good luck.


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    I had some cuff, mitten-like things like previously described, but they streched out so far as the weight increased, that I can no longer can use them. Now I use ankle weights which can be found at sporting goods stores. I just slip my hands in them and get to work. They range from two pounds to twenty pounds. If I need heavier, I just put on more than one. Also, they are soft enough that I can set them on my lap w/o fear of damaging myself. I encourage everyone out there to try this. It really is a therapeutic "head cleaner," and besides the stronger you are, the easier things will be. It's very refreshing to hear someone motivated! Don't forget to ingest big amounts of protein within thirty minutes after lifting. Good luck, and knock yourself out instead of someone else!!

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    Thank you guys for your help..


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    I also use a Bowflex. It is the best machine I've found.


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