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    Horseback Riding

    Hi All,
    Can someone recommend a dude ranch or horseback riding program in the US that offers riding programs for disabled children? This is for a 9 yr. old girl with CP. She's ridden horseback before. Thanks!


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    Depending on where you live, there are a number of programs listed on this site:

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    If you do a quick search on Therapeutic Riding, you'll find all sorts of facilities that offer horseback riding lessons for disabled folks.

    Some questions to ask:

    How many horses are in the facility? What kind are they and where did they come from?
    Have the horses been given special training before carrying disabled riders?
    Do they have mounting blocks so that someone in a wheelchair can wheel up the ramp and mount with minimal assistance?
    Are there trained assistants to help?
    Will the center do a workup on each potential rider to find out the level of independence and therapeutic need (like spasticity, range of motion, etc)?

    I am hooked on horseback riding, so I hope she enjoys it also.

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