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Thread: Ever try an Uppertone machine?

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    Ever try an Uppertone machine?

    This weight machine is for toning and strengthening the upper body of quads, which is designed for easy use and no assistance. Unfortunately it costs over $2000 and I wondered if the only way to use them is in rehab centers or if there's a cheaper machine you know about. There are 16 exercises to do on this one and I know I'd get strong and supple with it.



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    I've used uppertone quite a bit. It's excellent because you can workout while in your chair.

    I don't own one but a friend does, cost him about the same - $1800.

    You might try a local gym or rehab facility. Maybe they can get one cheaper (wholesale) than you as a consumer (retail).

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    Where did your friend get his? I don't go anywhere in the cold so I need to buy or rent one. I just can't isolate my triceps on my own since the biceps are so much stronger.


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    I'll try and find out where he purchased it. I think his PT at the rehab hospital may have ordered it?

    In terms of tricep isolation have you tried over the head arm extensions with a strap on weight or wheelchair pushups? (hands on both tires or arm rests and try to push yourself up) Five sets of 20-25 reps will have your triceps coming back as mine have.

    Good luck.

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    I got an uppertone in June of this year. It has been the best investment I have made since being injured. Being able to use it independently is a big plus. I thought it was expensive when I bought it, but after using it for awhile and seeing my muscles start to strengthen again it is well worth the price. I use it every other day for about an hour and half. They are kind of stretching it to say at has 16 exercises, realistically it probably only has about seven or eight. It is still well worth the price in my opinion.

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    thanks for the replies

    Yes, I've been doing pushups from arm rests and it seems to have strengthened both triceps and biceps. The Uppertone would be a last resort. First I'm going to try Theraband. You've used it alot in physical therapy, I'm sure. I'm going to anchor the band on both ends so I can pull down palms up on it, thereby isolating and strengthening the triceps.

    That should do it, don't you think? Of course one needs a grip to do it and the Uppertone doesn't need a grip, but I have a grip. BTW, there are Theraband handles you can buy for those without a grip and other exercises with the Theraband.


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    Check out this site and phone number. Lots of recreational/fitness products. You can buy an uppertone machine from them. phoneU.S.)1-800-634-4351

    Good luck.

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