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Thread: Hairy Butt

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    Hairy Butt

    this may come across as vain but ill call it self maintenace???? anyway im starting to turn into a bit of a hairy monster, butt, chest, shoulders and i hate it. anyone the same as me and done something about it, veet, shaving, waxed or even electrolesis? i maybe a quad but i always try and look my and out of clothes..


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    Readers? Do you have any experiences or suggestions for Floyd? A couple of years ago when I first started doing this forum I remember seeing something about chemical hair removers. I wouldn't want to recommend anything unless I know it is safe. Thanks. (EMK)

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    well...I wax my legs, it's wonderful b/c it doesn't hurt now! Just watch out for wicked reflex spasms and of course AD.

    "Each moment in time we have it all, even when we think we don't."
    --Melody Beattie, writer and counselor

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    I thought you were gonna let give us some tips on hairy arse, cause i've heard that Canadian Women...

    just playin

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    I'm checking into laser hair removal. Takes a lot less time than electrolysis and is fairly permenant after a few sessions.

    I've even bought my first sleeveless dress in ages.

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    Good thing you added the 'just playing'...because you know what else they say about Canadian women- we can kick some serious a*#!

    "Each moment in time we have it all, even when we think we don't."
    --Melody Beattie, writer and counselor

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    Don't change dude

    Accept the fact that you are becoming a human sweater. Chicks dig the fur. I think it stimulates the primative instincts in the ladies-it makes you a big, stuffed animal in their eyes. Studies have also shown that chicks like it, particularly in the colder climates.

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    ... grass doesn't grow on playgrounds.

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    Too funny. I say the hairier the better. Let it go or should I say GROW!!

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    Human Sweater


    Smokey is correct.

    Claire is correct.

    Be who and what you are, we do dig that. Just give it a trim now and again.


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