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Thread: baclofen pump daily doage

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    baclofen pump daily doage

    i believe one of the spinal nurses who maintains the pump program at a major center once stated the avg. or normal dosage/day with a baclofen pump for a person who has been on for a while is 800-1500 micrograms/day. i would like to confirm that if she or another could please. i understand each person is different, ballpark avg. i myself am at the high end of scale.thanks in advance.

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    I currently manage 82 patients in our baclofen program. Of those, 15 have an SCI diagnosis. The majority are managed on doses between 500 - 800 mcg/day. I have only two who are above 1000, and they are not above 1200. When folks start getting above 1000, we will try intermittent bolus dosing instead. This gives a nice "jolt" of medication to calm things down and then every 4-6 hours. It seems giving more at one time (like you got with your screening trial) works better for some people. I have also found that my patients with brain injury generally need higher doses than SCI, MS patients less. Cerebral palsy is my largest diagnosis group, and these folks are all over the chart...from a low of 45 to a high of over 1000. Everyone is different. (EMK)

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