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Thread: e-motion wheels on quickie gt's?

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    e-motion wheels on quickie gt's?

    Hello everyone, i'm getting a quickie gt wheelchair but I need e-motion wheels because i'm going to college in the fall and the hills are terriable. I was wondering if e-motion wheels are compatiable with quickie gt's? I know quickie makes somthing called extenders which are junk compared to the e-motion wheels. Any idea';s? I checked the website and it said it recommends to be fitted on Ti Lite frames. Thanks

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    The e-motion wheels can be fitted to quickie gts. If you own the tires already then they can be retrofitted for the gt (just need to buy new axles) for about $400 depending on supplier.

    In regards to the Quickie extenders, Sunrise Medical has made many improvements on them since they first came out. There are customers of mine who have had both and prefer the extenders. I personally have been fortunate to not need these products but when I demoed them I prefered extender. And most dealers sell them for about $1000 less than.

    If you have the wheels contact a dealer and tell them that you need a new axle assembly to fit the quickie gt. Otherwise go for whichever tire suits your needs. Good luck with the tires and your fall semester.

    Jeff Sirko
    Live Well Medical Supplies

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