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Thread: help for spasm pain

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    help for spasm pain

    Hi... I've been up since 4:00 this morning, unable to sleep because I was having these awful twinges in my arms. It is such a sad irony that I have no functional movement in my arm muscles yet they spasm when I'm trying to lie still and sleep.

    So here's the story - I'm lying on my back trying to sleep, and there's one muscle on upper arm (tricep maybe?) that won't stop twitching. It goes off every couple of seconds, and the pain - while not horrible (just a sharp jolt about 3 on a scale of 1-10) is just enough to keep me from getting to sleep.

    I know conventional painkillers won't work, because the spasm pain isn't something constant. Transfers hurt so much because I can't counteract the spasms, and this thing with my arms is something I just started noticing.

    There probably isn't anything I can do for the pain during transfers, but I am wondering whether Botox injections might be a good idea for the twinges in my arms... just so I can sleep through the night?

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    I dont know what type of person you are but if I was in your situation I would smoke a big phat blunt, it totally reduces your spasms!

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    Spams pain

    Are you taking any antispasticity medication? While most of these meds help mostly with spasticity (and less so with spasm) they often can reduce the spasm and the pain associated with it if the person has sensation. You may want to consider changing the times when you take meds to make them more effective at night. Spasticity and spasms can often interfere with sleep, and generally increasing the dosage at bedtime will help with this.

    What is the function of your upper arm? I would be concerned about trying Botox for this if you have any function there. Botox works by deliberately paralyzing the muscle (flaccid paralysis). In addition, it must be done repeatedly (usually every 6 months) and there is a life-time maximum dosage.

    Have you discussed options for your management with your physician? Some find that alternative treatments such as acupuncture can help with this, as well as biofeedback and self hypnosis. Many do find MJ helpful too, but of course there are significant legal risks with the use of this "herb".


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    I'm a C3/4 which means no function below top of my shoulders. I'm already on baclofen 120mg/day, afraid to go any higher because of potential liver damage.

    I wonder about MJ but I love with my mother and I think I would have a real hard time explaining that to her.

    Anyhow, I have got in the habit of taking 2 Tylenols every night before I go to bed which seems to help, but again I'm not sure whether that has any long-term ill effects. I took a Valium (5mg) last night, but only because I knew I could sleep late today. They make me woozy in the morning.

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    How about Marinol (the prescription form of MJ?) Does it have the same anti-spasm effect as the regular article?

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    Unfortunately, I have not seen any good studies on Marinol and spasms, but from reports from my clients, it does not seem to help like the "real thing" does. Marinol does not contact all the active components of MJ.


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