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    Just saw this under equipment. I know there are equip implications, but I think the "living as a quad" aspects are by far more important.

    I'm an unmarried, 59 year old, c3-4 incomplete quad 5 years out. I went from being fiercely independent and totally self actualized (Mazlow's hierarchy of needs; to being concerned about everything (security, safety, etc.).

    Kimi, you sound like you are adjusting pretty well for being only 7 months out.

    I did 2 months acute rehab, and I haven't had much additional return. I have some movement in all of my limbs, but the left arm/hand is the only limb with actual utility. I operate my electric chair (a Godsend for me), have grip in my left hand - feed myself, sign my name (sort of), brush/floss my teeth, and use of thumb on left hand - dial phone, operate remotes, operate computer (see my post on Kensington track ball mouse; takes about 2 hours to type a page).

    I can't drive, but I was a few months away from retirement and have some means, so instead of spending my retirement dollars playing golf and traveling, I bought a wheelchair van (a life saver). Courtesy of a couple of friends who drive me, I go to work 3-4 days a month as a consultant. Work doesn't come close to paying for van but is great for mental health and self esteem.

    I'm in an assisted living facility, which meets my needs but has drawbacks (expense, real asshole owner). I'm exploring independent living with caregiver only 3-4 hours a day - a little scary).

    My biggest demon was depression. For the first 4 years after my accident, all I wanted to do was die, and as a quad I couldn't even kill myself. It was a real dark period of my life, but my family, friends, psychologists, and doctors stuck with me (put up with my BS and self pity), and a little over a year ago I beat the depression and can honestly say my life is better for the accident. Sure, I can't walk, drive, travel, golf, or cook (a great love of my life), but I'm a far better Dad, Grandpa, friend, son, and brother than ever. I've gained a great appreciation for caregivers who (except for the asshole owner) earn almost nothing and for how much fun it is to give gifts (instead of hoarding and counting the money). I look forward to each day.

    The bottom line is we've been dealt real bad cards, but there is hope.

    Feel free to email me at (underscore between letters and numbers; 0 is a zero)

    Good luck!

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    hey guys! i havent been online for a while and thats why i havent gotten to respond. i appreciate everyones input, but i think i have came up with something that will serve its purpose. it is by invacare and is called the top end terminator. anyone have any suggestions(good or bad) on this one? i am scheduled next week for an in home evaluation, this chair is close to 400.00 and is supposed to be the "lightweight option to titanium" once again, thanks everyone for writing and for the encouragement. sorry jeff about not opting for the chair you mentioned:-) this one is more in my budget!

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    Don't apologize. I am glad you found something that works best for you. That is all that matters. I hope it all works out well.

    Jeff Sirko
    Live Well Medical Supplies

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